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Come with us where you can always look fierce and fabulous! Get your casual chic looks today! With love, Regine 




The underlining chic of gray and black with a pop of tangerine! Snatch your looks today! With love, Regine



Ooh la la! The beauty of a lace tunic decked in black and gold. Get your complete looks today! With love, Regine



For the globetrotter in you.. Always take on your journey in great style! With love, Regine 



Paint the town in red and in shantung beige! Top off your look with none other than the Star Power famous hat! With love, Regine




Prête pour un Lundi merveilleux! Fabulously chic in this St. Tropez tunic paired with the chic vegan-leather leggings topped off with the sensational ЯC straw hat and straw bag. Get your looks today! With love, Regine




Head over heels in deep Clair de Lune gray! Top off your looks with the one of a kind world traveler RC sun protection hat! With love, Regine




There is something about leopard and sparkles! Get your casual chic and edgy looks today! With love, Regine




En route en rouge! Nothing equates having the perfect sun hat paired with the ultra comfortable and chic "Palm Springs" tunic, sexy "Milan" cut-out leggings, accessorized with the "Madison Avenue" double leather cuffs and "Cap D'antibes" must have bag! With love, Regine 



When solid and abstract meet! Get your little back dress topped off with the classic white panama style hat, accessorized with a pop of animal print "Park Avenue" double cuffs and striking "Park Avenue" Regine Chevallier clutch! Don't go unnoticed! With love, Regine




The elegance of white and gold! Get your striking one-of-a-kind looks today! With love, Regine



A journey through striking mixtures! Be bold! Be remarkable! With love, Regine




Chic attitude infused in soft plum with a touch of gold is simply timeless! With love, Regine 



Live and love hard in this fabulous must-have casual chic look! From the spectacular Panama style SPF 50+ sun protection hat to the Monaco deep nude must have dress, accessorized with the one-of-a kind gold Madison Avenue leather wrap cuffs and Monaco Summer bag, you will be looking and feeling amazing! With love, Regine 



Black never goes out of style! Nothing equates a comfortable, sexy and chic 2 in 1 jumpsuit that can be worn as a day and as a night outfit! Top off your look with the one-of-a kind two-tone "Nice" panama style hat and striking 100% leather wrap Regine Chevallier double cuffs! With love, Regine





Loving in mesmerizing taupe and seal gray! Get your so comfortable and chic looks today! Top off your Ibiza dress with the strikinh SPF 50+ Star Power hat, double cuffs and must have Summer bag! With Love, Regine




Golden moment in limoncello yellow! Get your one-of-a-kind looks today. Add a pop of color to your wardrobe and top it off with the stunning two-tone sun protection Panama style "Nice" hat for the perfect touch! With love, Regine




That boyfriend blazer and t-shirt look! Top off your outfits with the classic slate gray "Monaco" hat, accessorized with the one-of-a-kind reversible suede "Monaco" cuff! With love, Regine




A shield of tenderness in this dreamy St. Tropez slate gray look! Get your complete looks today! With love, Regine




Hello in silver gray with a touch of gold! In today's look I am wearing the off-shoulder ruffle layered dress, accessorized with the stunning bright gold double RC cuffs, topped off with the "Star Power" hat! Get your looks today and be fabulous! With love, Regine




Double take in warm taupe shades with a touch of apricot! Get your looks today! With love, Regine




The Magic of white and whispering wheat! Get your one-of-a-kind sensational head-to-toe complete looks today! From the white "Ibiza" SPF 50+ sun protection panama style hat to the comfortable and chic "Santorini" dress, accessorized with the suede & burlap leather cuffs and Cap d'antibes bag, you can conquer anything! With love, Regine 



Double take in black & white! That little dress that never lets you down! Accessorize your look with our fabulous "Golden Key" choker, St. Tropez gold bag and double cuffs, topped off with the classic "GlobeTrotter" hat! With love, Regine




A day in tricolors! Get your Summer refreshing and chic one-of-a-kind looks today! Always feel and look fabulous! With love, Regine




It's a black and white affair! When your day dress transitions into a night outfit, it's a double win! 2 in 1! Accessorize your look with the one-of-a kind, two-color "Nice" straw hat ( with SPF 50 +) and striking leather wrap double "Manhattan" cuffs! With love, Regine





It's all in the prints. Get your sensational one-of-a kind looks today! With love, Regine 



For the love of turquoise and gold! Get your complete, easy to wear, comfortable and chic looks today and look fabulous! With love, Regine



It's all in the earth tones! Nothing like the perfect maxi dress to conquer the day. Whatever the occasion, you are guaranteed to make a lasting impression in this head-to-toe look. With love, Regine




A la conquête du Monde in this ЯC ALL ACCESS T-shirt, Globetrotter Unisex hat, and one-of-a kind Manhattan cuffs! "How does one become a butterfly?" She asked pensively. "You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar." - Trina Paulus With love, Regine



Dripping in gold and in coco black! Get your date night and chic looks today! Accessorize your outfit with the stunning one-of-a-kind "Madison Avenue" leather cuffs, "St. Germain des Pres" Sun hat and "Monaco" Summer bag! With love, Regine





Color your world in tangerine and with rays of sunshine! Look spectacular in this summer darling chic Ibiza dress, topped off with the SPF 50+ sun protector chic cloche style hat, the "Monaco" leather two-tone one-of-a-kind cuffs and Summer bag! With love, Regine




A step closer to the sky in blue strokes in this darling Ibiza dress! Paired with the sensational sun protector "St. Germain des Pres" Hat, gold double cuffs and Monaco saddle dark tan bag, you'll be soaring high! With love, Regine




Boho chic sunkissed look! Unleash your inner fashionista and get your head turning comfortable casual chic looks today! With love, Regine




Bonjour! Menaj a trois. With your Ibiza off-shoulder top, RC Cap, and RC ripped denim double cuffs, you'll have the ultimate menage a trois look! With love, Regine



Un Dimanche en blanc! Add a flash of white to your Summer wardrobe! Top it off with our sensational "Hamptons" one-of-a kind hat, gold "Milan" double cuffs and with the must have "St. Tropez" Summer bag! With love, Regine




When caps and tees set a red alert! Men & Women get your caps and casual t-shirt looks today! With love, Regine





When navy meets gold, it's a love affair! Be bold, be fabulous, be free, and above all be kind. Get your show stopping, comfortable and chic looks today! With love, Regine




Trésor d'été à avoir... Summer little darlings must have! Get your looks today! So easy to wear and so fashionable, you will find yourself wanting to wear them everyday! With love, Regine




Timeless earth tones will never fail you! In love with my new Monaco top paired with the classic "St. Germain des Pres" sun protector stylish hat, St. Tropez Summer bag and to add an edge, the Miss Vanity leather leggings. Get your looks today! With love, Regine 



Nothing like black and white! Get your must have Summer chic dresses topped off with the one-of-a-kind Regine Chevallier hats and signature double cuffs! Why wait to look beautiful everyday? With love, Regine






Add a golden touch to your look! With love, Regine



Boho chic never felt so good with this sensational "French Riviera" silk head scarf and Lake Como blouse! Get your looks today! With love, Regine




May your presence uplift your surrounding! Get your one-of-a-kind looks today! From the "Globe Trotter" Panama style hat, to the leather wrap style "Manhattan" cuffs and bell sleeve "St. Tropez" top, you will have all heads turning. With love, Regine




Nothing says casual, sexy, and chic better than this complete look! Ladies make your lasting impressions and look and feel on top of the world with this fabulous Summer must have outfit! With love, Regine




Move forward confidently in this stunning animal print Safari Goddess jumpsuit! Accessorize your look with our one-of-a-kind "St. Tropez" Summer bag, gold cuffs and top it all off with the hat of your choice! With love, Regine




It's all about love! Lunch date? Dinner date? First date? Or want to keep the flame alive? We've got you covered! Get your captivating head-to-toe looks today! With love, Regine  



Blue alert on this fabulous day! When the Regine Chevallier "Ibiza Dress" hits the beach with his hat! Sprinkle love and kindness wherever you go! At RC love is our motto! With love, Regine




Bonjour Sunshine State! This stunning looks will surely give you the extra confidence that you need! Just go for it! With love, Regine




Take on the day and the night in this so chic look! There is nothing that I love more than a day look that can also be worn as a night outfit! With love, Regine




The perfect outfit for a fabulous day and night out! Wear this look with the stunning one-of-a-kind "Bond Street" choker to dress up your look. When wearing in the daytime, accessorize your outfit with double cuffs and our "St. Tropez" day Summer bag. Ladies be ready to turn heads. With love, Regine