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About Us

Miami-based fashion designer Regine Chevallier is anything but ordinary. Her utmost desire is to challenge her customers to fall in love with themselves over and over again. Known as the ‘hat lady to the stars’, she weaves a lifetime of cultural influences into each and every collection, drawing on her Haitian European background for inspiration. Born in Port-au-Prince, Regine is of Italian and French descent. Her sense of glamour and personal style are underscored by her upbringing, travel experiences and acquired philosophies, reinforcing the brand with a mosaic of color, décor and rhythm that is purely eclectic and diverse. Understanding that every member of society wears hats for their own reasons, there are elements of tradition as well as panache in every piece. A unifying dynamic can be found in the brand statement – fall in love with yourself – the underlying concept that wearing a hat lends an air of confidence, sending a bold message that can be reverent, understated, functional, fun, bold or glamorous, but always a unique punctuation of style that she sees as an essential accessory.

Regine’s career in the garment industry began many years ago, and her background includes owning and operating one of the largest textile factories in Haiti. Over the years, she was able to cultivate close working relationships with some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry, including Izod, Lacoste and Gitano. Through this venture, she was proud to be able to provide jobs for more than one thousand local workers. Always committed to making a difference in her home country, she once served as a diplomat, and has always done her utmost to better the lives of Haitian children in need. One of her philanthropic causes was to help feed a small town of three hundred on a consistent basis, ensuring families who might otherwise go without would be provided for.

A culturally confident entrepreneur, Regine has traveled the world intensively. Her eye for fashion helped her to identify the hottest design trends, combining them with her unique take on classic hat styles, like Fedora Hats, Resort Hats and Panama Hats. Every RC hat has been endowed with its own personality,
each given a unique name to complete the overall experience. The RC collection is versatile, fashion focused, polished and unisex, a true reflection of the designer’s passionate vision, and styled to complete the look. Each artisanal hat is meticulously made using top quality materials, uniquely designed to please even the most discriminating wearer.

The brand image finds a focus beyond the hats themselves, putting the spotlight on the gestalt lifestyle of her clientele, the overall dynamic infused with a combination of creativity, hustle and discipline. Leveraging trunk shows, photo shoots and special events to drive a strong social media following, Regine is completely focused on the customer. She derives her greatest satisfaction from seeing the confidence her clients gain from wearing her hat designs, and is always inspired by direct contact and the feedback she receives from them. The objective is to allow them to ‘dare to be’ thus always feeling extremely confident.

Fall In Love With Yourself – Regine Chevallier