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As a wholesaler of the Regine Chevallier brand, you will have access to our online store where you will benefit from 50% OFF all products. 

From our clothing categories, a minimum order of 3 items per style in any size and in any color; will have to be met. From our hats/accessories categories, a minimum of 2 items per style will be required.  

Your minimum purchase will have to meet our requirement of $1200 or more in order to benefit from 50% OFF as a Regine Chevallier brand wholesale purchaser. 

As a purchaser, you will have access to all of our media content: social media posts, website pictures and press kit. These can serve as your on-the-go catalog to showcase the collections to your customers, as we have found it to be effective to conclude sales as most people are very visual. 

Our social media is also put at your disposable. You can repost any pictures on your social media platforms to help you grow your sales. 

We are happy to welcome you into the Regine Chevallier Team. We are eager to get you started. 

Fill out the form below and send it back to us. Once completed we will get you started with your activated Wholesale purchaser code. 

We value your opinion, therefore we are looking forward to receiving your feedback and ideas. Looking forward to welcoming you into the Regine Chevallier team. Let us empower each other and make this world more beautiful. 

At Régine Chevallier our language is one of equality, love, empowerment, compassion, distinction and the celebration of poise beauty and uncompromising elegance!

We reserve ourselves the right to terminate your team membership at anytime should your posts not be a reflection of what the Régine Chevallier brand stands for, by being discriminatory in any way or too revealing.