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Loving my so comfortable yet chic look! Get yours! With love, Regine



Your must have Summer 2 in 1! This casual chic look takes it to another level effortlessly! When your off-shoulder Ibiza top can also be a beach tunic! Pair your look with the perfect accessories! With love, Regine




Be Summer ready with your sensational head-to-toe looks! Get your sexy, comfortable and chic dresses, paired with your one-of-a kind hats and accessories today! With love, Regine




The look that always delivers! Nothing equates the "Rodeo Drive" jumpsuit, topped off with the one-of-a kind "World Traveler" hat! Get your Summer looks today! With love, Regine




Fashion and love, the ultimate recipe for success! Casual never felt so good! LA VIE EN ROSE is the motto! With love, Regine




A la vie et a l'amour! Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated! Celebrate life wearing this amazing, sexy and comfortable outfit! With love, Regine




Hello Summer! Get Fourth of July ready in this stunning head-to-toe sexy, chic and extremely comfortable look. With your SPF 50+ sun protection hats, chic "Cannes" tops and bottom leggings, you will definitely be turning heads! With love, Regine




Le paradis en turquoise! These versatile items make it easy to pair with just about anything. We leave the creativity to you! Snatch your Summer looks today! With love, Regine



Une journée de romance! It's all in your ЯC looks! Love boldly! Snatch your memorable outfits today. Treat yourself to being fabulous. You derserve it! With love, Regine




Bonjour Soleil! This year the celebration starts now! Giving a different meaning to freedom: Bold and Fabulous that is! Fall in love with yourself over and over again! With love, Regine




Liberty isn't given, it's taken. Live freely! Wear your freedom and that is in black and white! No Summer is the same without your Regine Chevallier looks! Get them today! With love, Regine




"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." - Oprah Winfrey

Get your Fourth of July complete looks today! With love, Regine




Pretty in red! Get your sensational Summer looks today! With love, Regine 



Be bold and fabulous! Get your Summer looks today! With love, Regine




Add a pop of color to your Summer wardrobe! Get your head turning looks today and feel on top of the world! With love, Regine 



Bonjour Summer! Start your Summer off in great style in this complete head-to-toe look! This casual yet chic tunic that can be worn as a beach-cover-up or with shorts is a fabulous Summer piece. Accessorize your look with the sensational "St. Tropez" hat and bag! With love, Regine 




Celebrate him, celebrate you! Hats off to all of the stylish men out there! Happy Father's Day! Women snatch his hat and rock your head-turning complete looks today! With love, Regine 





Be daring. Be kind. Be loving. Reinvent yourself wearing his hat and this sexy and comfortable "Fifth Avenue" jumpsuit. They will make you feel like own the ground! With love, Regine




Un je ne sais quoi.. At Regine Chevallier we make you stand out no matter the occasion. Snatch your summer whites today! With love, Regine 



Start today looking fabulous with the right attitude and with the right look! Get your one-of-a-kind exceptional head-to-toe- looks today! Bisous! With love, Regine




I've got his hat! Be a rebel with a cause! Men & women, get your REBEL t-shirts and hats today! With love, Regine 



Spread love in white! Get your stunning one-of-a-kind looks today! WIth love, Regine



There is something about stripes! Strike it chic this Summer! With love, Regine





White is always in! Express yourself in this stunning " St. Barts" sexy and comfortable dress, topped off with a one-of-a-kind Regine Chevallier hat! With love, Regine




Today it's all about sweets and style! Live boldly and do so stylishly! Introducing a brand new addition to our off-shoulder collection, the "St. Tropez" top! Pair it with the hat of your choice! With love, Regine



Oulala! There is always a good reason to treat yourself! Get your complete Summer looks today! With love, Regine




I've got his hat! Loving the "Mr. Collins" mens hat paired with my off-shoulder "Ibiza" top, "Upper East Side" bottoms and silver double cuffs! Get your looks today! With love, Regine




I believe in fashion, goodness and in fairy tales! Your heart knows the way, run in that direction in your unforgettable looks! With love, Regine




Be fashionably ready to undertake your journey! We'll be with you every step of the way! With love, Regine



Let your love shine and live freely! Nothing helps you accomplish that more than looking and feeling amazing! Get your "Monaco" dress, "Monte Carlo" hat and RC double cuffs today! With love, Regine



A woman needs all of her jewels! Give a woman the right essentials and she'll conquer the world. - Marilyn Monroe

Get your head to toe "St. Tropez" look today and conquer the Summer like never before! - With love, Regine




Make a lasting impression. Be the one that blows them away in style! "Encounters in life are like the wind. Some brush your skin, others blow you away! Get your sensational looks today! With love, Regine




Bonjour en alpha mode! Reinvent yourself and dare to be! Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you. Reinvent yourself in style! Snatch your unisex caps today! With love, Regine 




Things are looking bright in stripes! Be so alive that you awaken others! Find all of your Summer looks today! With love, Regine




Shine bright in your "Winner Team" ЯC t-shirt and UNISEX ЯC "Mogul" baseball cap! Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark! With love, Regine




Celebrate life in white! Make an unforgettable impression in this one-of-a-kind zipper front sexy and chic jumpsuit! Top off your look with the stunning black and white "Globe Trotter" hat and add a touch of gold with our signature double cuffs! With love, Regine




That Summer look that we all need! Get your casual chic wear today and top it off with a one-of-a kind RC hat! Get the sun protection you need and look fabulous doing it! With love, Regine  




Bain de soleil anyone? Always be ready for the weekend! Express who you are through your fashion!

In today's look I am wearing the "Lake Como" set. From my cloche denim rim SPF 50+ hat to the classic black maxi dress with its sexy slit and detailed denim front pocket, this look won't disappoint! Get this set today! With love, Regine



Things are looking bright in stripes! Be so alive that you awaken others! Find all of your Summer looks today! With love, Regine




In today's look I am wearing the Regine Chevallier "Ibiza" signature off-shoulder top in a deep cognac color, topped off with the so chic "Montauk" panama style hat in a two-tone color and cognac/camel color faux-leather rim. To add a pop of color, I wearing the RC gold double cuffs! Get your Summer looks today! With love, Regine




Un je ne sais quoi... Bringing a French flare to you! Get your Summer looks today! With love, Regine

One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. - Henry Miler 




Break the rules in great style! Life is short, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly!  

In today's look I am wearing the classic "Ibiza" SPF 50+ Panama style hat with the one-of-a kind Regine Chevallier signature off-shoulder "Monaco" ruffle lace dress! Get your breathtaking, stylish Summer looks today! With love, Regine



Why not treat yourself to looking and feeling amazing all the time? Get your sensational head-to-toe Summer looks today and live fabulously!

In today's look I am wearing the chic olive green "Amalfi Coast" ankle dress that is so comfortable and stylish for the Summer. Topped off with my "Globetrotter" panama style hat and "Positano" cuffs, being ready for an adventure is effortless! With love, Regine




Love in white! Make a statement everywhere you go! Get your head-to-toe looks today! With love, Regine



Dare to venture! Sail away in style in your must have off-shoulder "Ibiza" tops and SPF 50+ one of a kind chic hats! With love, Regine




Celebrate life stylishly! Embrace the Summer in lively colors! In today's look I am wearing the classic unisex "High Roller" hat with my favorite signature off-shoulder "Ibiza" top in turquoise! Live fully and love life! With love, Regine




Capture their hearts wherever you go! Certain things capture your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart!- Mark Twain

In today's look I am wearing the "Palm Beach" denim dress with the "Hamptons' two-tone denim rim casual chic hat! Add this look to your wardrobe today! With love, Regine




A torrid white Summer love affair! When falling in love becomes inevitable! Nothing compares to the so comfortable and chic "Ibiza" Regine Chevallier signature tops and the stunning and one of my favorites, the "Santorini" linen pants! Get your Summer whites today! With love, Regine




All is fair in love and in white! Get your Summer looks today and be sure to top off your looks with a casual chic one-of-a-kind Regine Chevallier SPF 50+ hat and add a pop of gold to your daily outfits with our double cuff signature style! With love, Regine



Never be forgotten! Get your unforgettable looks today! Live in color and enjoy every moment of looking and feeling amazing! With love, Regine


Set your goals and go after them in style! "Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity" - H. Jackson Brown, Jr. 

In today's look I am wearing a casual short brim fedora hat with none other than the "Goal Digger" Regine Chevallier t-shirt, topped with the stunning "Monaco" red blazer accessorized with the gold "Milan" cuffs. Get your looks and go get them! - With love, Regine




Set this Summer on fire in this animalistic casual chic Regine Chevallier look! With love, Regine 




Never be short of looking classy and fabulous in this amazing look! Be ready for the weekend! With love, Regine




No better outfit than the spectacular "Miss Monroe" wide brim SPF 50+ sun hat combined with the easy to wear and fashionable "Paris" dress. A tout a l'heure! Baiser, Regine